Thursday, 19 May 2011

Here We Stand -- The Diet of Worms

In front of the Martin Luther statue in Worms
(ML gang signs courtesy of Wheaton creativity)

We got another early start today as we headed over to Worms on the train. The Martin Luther memorial and St. Peter's Cathedral were the only two places we visited. Our first stop was at the memorial, where there were statues of Luther and other significant figures of the Reformation.

St Peters Cathedral

Only a short walk away from the memorial stood the majestic St. Peter's Cathedral. Even after having experienced the grandeur of the churches in Mainz and Frankfurt, this cathedral still knocked us off our feet as we stared in awe. This was the parish where Luther was called to recant 41 of his 95 theses in front of the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles the Fifth, at the infamous Diet of Worms. While we didn't get to see the exact location of his trial, just seeing the church's wealth and power displayed by its size and interior adornments, the students were able to better conceptualize how radical and revolutionary the Reformation really was.

Clock tower in Worms
(Numbers above, Astrological signs below)

We then headed back through Worms and stopped at a Turkish restaurant in town. The paintings on the inside walls were nothing like we'd seen in the traditional restaurants we'd eaten in previously; they beautifully portrayed what most imagine the romanticized version of the Middle East to look like. It was interesting to see first-hand the rise of Turkish influence on Germany as more and more Turks are immigrating to the country. After finishing our cross-cultural meals, we headed back to Mainz on the train and enjoyed our last night by the peaceful Rhine River.

Walkway along the Rhine in Mainz

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